Be Flexible

Updated: Feb 11

We’ve all seen it, hell we've all done it..

If you're someone who has tracked their macros chances are you've abused it slightly..

Maybe you had a little too much sugar or just filled your macros with food that really isn't that nutrient dense..

Guess what?

I’d be willing to best you still saw progress over the long term..

With flexible dieting or at least how we approach it we like to think in 6 month increments..

What can I do now so I stick with this in 6 months?

Well its simple, we do know that as humans we want what we cant have, so why on earth would you restrict foods that idiots have deemed bad with nothing to back up their claims?

Actually as much as it’s not science to do, go look at the #iifym, i'd be willing to bet its a whole bunch of food that looks tasty and people making progress..

And not to mention actually happy..

My point is that you should allow yourself flexibility..

Stop binging.

Start fitting.

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